Move-in Checklist

  • ClearNow Enrollment
  • Utilities Set Up (Electric + Water + Gas + Electric)
  • Online Tenant Portal
  • Parking Pass
  • Mailbox Key

If you prefer, you can download the instructions below on a pdf format:


Residents are asked to enroll with ClearNow and set up recurring payments for the duration of their lease. It is important that you do so ASAP to meet the enrollment deadline for your 1st month’s rent at Vandy Housing. For example, if your first month’s rent is due on July 1st, the deadline to enroll is June 22nd. 

You should receive an email from ClearNow with a link to the online enrollment form. If you haven’t yet received this email please let us know, or go to

Under landlord’s email address, enter and click submit. For all units, choose account #4820, except for Portland 101, which is account #8795. ClearNow has excellent customer service, if you need help submitting the form, call (866) 882-5327.


Before you move-in please contact the following services to set up your accounts:

Buildium Resident Portal

Now, let’s get you started with our Buildium Resident Portal, this is where you can:

  • Submit maintenance requests
  • Download your lease agreement and other important documents
  • Access an online directory of important phone numbers

Parking Pass

In order for you to get a parking pass, please visit Timmons Properties (2 blocks from the property). Make sure to do that before you move-in or park in the parking lot as your car may get booted without a pass.

  • Timmons Properties, Inc.
  • 2200 21 st Avenue South, Suite 200
  • Nashville, TN 37212
  • (615) 383-1777 ext. 11

Mailbox Key

On the occasion, previous tenants might leave the key to the mailbox at the apartment. If that is the case, it is your choice whether to continue to use that key. Otherwise, please bring a copy of your lease to the United States Postal Services (USPS). The Acklen Postal Service is 0.2 mi from Ashley Place Condominiums.

2006 Acklen Avenue, Nashville, TN, 37212-9999

  • Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm
  • Sat 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Sun Closed
  • Parking Available

 Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help.